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Web Solutions

SMA-TECH is a leader in the field of software and web design services for companies and institutions. The company designs unique sites of a special nature, attractive designs and development services.

  • Study & drawing

    At this stage, the team of designers meets with the programmers to study the site in terms of the field in which the site works to present the appropriate ideas for this area and the initial perception of how to draw the internal pages and the effect of colors and movement on the site to get out as desired as best.

  • Design & creativity

    This stage is one of the most important stages where the design engineer in the beginning of the implementation of the project on Photoshop and work on the design, which is the interface of the site, which visitors see where they have the impression of confidence or not by simply seeing the shape of the site, so the designer must give the best of his experience and creativity In the design implementation in the form attractive and distinct in terms of color consistency and the order of sections and pages commensurate with the domain in which the site is designed.

  • Development

    The process of creating an Internet site (a set of files placed side-by-side on an Internet server) is initiated, allowing content to be displayed (including content and interactive interfaces) to the end-user in the form of an Internet page upon request, which contains several elements such as: All of these are arranged by a language such as HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PHP or JAVA.

  • Delivery & evaluation

    After completion of the development and completion of the programming process and review the code and free of errors and fill the security gaps, enter the pilot operation phase, and send the project to the client to express opinion and to take notes or final evaluation, and start to enter the client data of his site, and marketing to the site after that as desired by the client for its dissemination and the definition of its customers.

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